Daily life

1. Enumerate typical jobs men and women do at home. Compare them having in mind these aspects: the time spent and the amount of work done every day at home. Express your opinion about the existing situation and suggest some ways to change it.

The main duty of males is to earn money for a family. In all over the world females must do housework, take care of the children and don’t have any job. Regrettably, this situation was in the ppast. Nowadays it is different. Women are busiest members in all families- do housework, in addition, go to work, because economical situation isn’t good in Lithuania- big unemployment, low pays. We know that only one employed spouse can’t maintain all family. So both parents have jobs, but housekeeping there are too and women do them.

So lets talk about one day’s jobs whose woman and man do at home:

A woman gets up earlier then others. She has many works: does breakfast, wwashes up, does a kitchen, sends off children to school. After that she takes care of appearance and goes to work. Finally, after work she goes to shop and does all housework- makes meals, irons, sweeps, vacuums, washes up, does rrooms, waters flowers.

Man is different from a woman. As man wakes up, he has breakfast on a table, and then he goes to work. After work father watches TV, reads newspapers, but sometimes repairs, polishes.

You must agree, the busiest member is a woman. We think it is unfair. As we know, a woman is weaker, so family members must divvy up all housework. In my opinion, men must do harder jobs, so women jobs could be gardening, ironing, doing rooms and making meals. But many men don’t agree. Their opinion is same like in the past, that women are housewives. This is a reason why arguing start, women are tired and nervous. So we must to change the present situation aand we have some ideas:

Firstly, men should change an old opinion and help to women. Next, a family can make a schedule of housework. Then all members will know when and what they must to do. Families who have enough money can employ a servant. Then all have time for leisure. Finally, in one day men must to do all housekeeping. Just then they will know how woman feels in the evening, why she is so tired, nervous and rude.

2. WWhat is there in your daily life that makes you happy and unhappy? Describe an ideal day you would like to have and explain how it is different from your ordinary day?

In my opinion the majority of teenager’s ordinary days are very similar. Firstly, we all must go to school five days a week. Secondly, we must study very hard, because most of us want to achieve the highest results, to study in a university or college. Finally, we live in a province where there are not enough facilities and there aren’t enough ways to spend your leisure. However, a weekend is a bit different, when we can sleep longer, go to disco, relax being with friends, take a rest, etc.

Now I would like to describe my ordinary day.

• 7.00 my alarm-clock rings;

• 7.05 I’m still at bed and I’m trying to wake up;

• 7.10 finally I get up and wash;

• 7.25 I have my breakfast;

• 7.40 I go to school;

• 8.00 my first lesson starts;

• 15.00 at last I’m at home;

• 15.15 I have my dinner;

• 15.30 it’s time to relax: I watch TV or just have a nap after long and hectic day at school;

• 18.00 I do my homework. It’s quite challenging and boring wwork;

• 18.30 I remember that I should eat my supper;

• 18.45 I continue doing homework. It’s real struggle!

• 21.00 finally my works are done and I can go to bed or watch TV, or listen to music, or sit near computer;

• 23.00 my day is over and I go to bed. Good night!

Actually, I dislike my ordinary day, because the daily round often makes me unhappy and nervous. As you know, it’s hard to wake up early, especially when the morning is dark and cold. Hard studying fatigue (varginti) me and just a few things such as meeting friends at school and joking with them makes me happy.

On the other hand every one of us dreams about an ideal day, so I would like to tell you about my imaginary day somewhere in a big city.

Firstly, I wake up in my big bed at 11 o’clock. A servant brings me very delicious continental (lengvi) breakfast into the bed. Then I have a hot bath. After that, about 13.30, teachers come to my house and I’m glad that learning doesn’t take a lot of struggle. At 16.00 I meet my friends and we all go to the cinema, entertaining centre, maybe sshopping, then – to the pub. After that at 19.00 I come back to my apartment, have a shower, some specialists do me beauty procedurals, stylists prepare me for the special evening. At 21.30 my friends come and we go to the club with my limousine. At 3.00 I call my driver and come back home. Finally, at 3.30 I fall asleep and dream about this amazing day.

To sum you can see – my ideal day is particularly different from my ordinary days, and I wish sometime it becomes true.

3. What are your aims in life for the future for the areas of family, work and leisure? If you had an opportunity to choose, what would you prefer: keeping your career or staying at home? Why?

Everyone of us thinks about the future. So what are the main aims in our life? Firstly, everyone wants to make a career, have a well-paid job, own apartment and of course a family. Let’s talk more about the aims for a work. We have to study useful and needful subjects more intensively if we want to pass the exams well. Only then you’ll have more possibilities to enter a university. It

is very important to have a well-paid job in order to have money for personal life. If you earn a lot of money, you can create wonderful environment, bring up children, pay for their studies, buy accommodation and all equipment. But every employer needs only educated employees. There is one way to long and successful career: we must learn learn and learn.

Only then you have a well-paid job you can start thinking about your family. Firstly, you must to bbuy own apartment in order to start living without parents and be independent. You must to subsist (pragyventi) without their help and now you can think about wedding. What about the children? As we know it is very expensive to bring up the children nowadays. So before having them, everyone must to think, if we could guarantee good life conditions.

Today we are schoolchildren, so there is no enough time for leisure: every day we must do homework and help family tto do household chores. But I don’t think that we will have more free time in the future especially if we want to have a career. Of course everyone wants to have real and reliable friends who could help, advise aand spend leisure with us. All busy people dream of holidays, which they can spend abroad (visit exiting places, meet different people and taste different food) or in the nature (make picnics, take up skiing, swimming, diving and live in camps). Whereas young people could spend theirs free time in clubs, restaurants, theatres and of course in nature too. Them attract nightlife.

Often many people have to decide are they going to keep their career or stay at home and raise children. Nowadays most of them choose career. Why?

Lots of women because of feminism refuse become a housewife, stay at home and raise children. They also are seeking for careers and compete with men. But it’s not the only ppoint why people frequently become careerists. If you have a well-paid job, you could spend your money for travelling, live in a luxurious house or a flat. To raise a child is not as easy as it may look and it takes a lot of time. So most people decide to keep their career or adopt a child.

If you decide to raise child you’ll spend a lot of time at home. Another problem is that nowadays to keep family ccosts a lot of money. Parents spend hundreds for child’s clothes, meals, education, etc. They also must pay up big taxes. Many people have to work overtime to well provide their families.

All the things considered it’s not the best way. Personally, I think that people must combine their job and family. If you spend your all time working, you quickly become a workaholic and it’s not very good. Those who have well-paid jobs, earns a lot and have good income. They could hire maid or housekeeper which would do house work, such as ironing, vacuuming, dusting, cooking etc. Nanny could look after children. Then people could joy they lives.

4. Will you prefer working with others or by your self? Have in mind: independence, responsibilities, salaries, holidays, different company benefits.

Majority of us will finish secondary school or gymnasium, university and find a job. Some of us decided which job would be the best. But there are two alternatives in all the jobs working with others or by yourself. It is your right to choose, and all you life depends on that.

At first let’s talk about working by yourself. These are people are put in two categories-freelance and businessman. FFreelance are mostly artists. They are independent, sometimes their contracts are quite good (high salaries), they can spend much time in holidays if they have enough money. But this work have some minuses, Sometimes young artists can’t sign up a contract just because nobody knows them, so your name must be known if you want to live long and happy. In most of the cases, several artists are competing for one contract, so you must be gifted and you must know what people might like if you want to win. Businessmen are different. They aren’t as free as freelance, because their life depends on their company’s success in selling products, so they always must care about company’s financial status, loyalty of workers, they must pay attention to other companies strategies, methods, advertisements, they must meet with other businessmen often and travel a lot, so sometimes they haven’t got any free time. And one more very important thing is prestige customers must have good opinion about your company, so the quality, of your products must be guaranteed, donation for charity would be very nice, too. And people who want to start business must have huge sum for investments. To sum up, iif you manage to do all these things, you’ll be rich, prosperous and influential, if not-you’ll be poor, indented (skolingas) or even worse-dead. As you can see, responsibility is huge.

The other way is working with people. You’ll never be famous and influential, because there are many human beings like you, but all the responsibility is not on you alone. You just need to do your job well, but you won’t be independent, you will have holidays when your master allows you to have it. Salaries won’t be very high, but they’re enough to get by (pragyventi). So if you decided to work with people, you will live your peaceful life. Master will command you. You will get salaries and bring them to your hungry children. You will grow tired of this routine, but what else you can do?

To sum up, job can easily change your life. If you love independent and freedom, you might become freelance, but you will work hard to prove that you are worthy to sign up a contract. And keep in mind, that sometimes best freelances can’t find a job. Being a businessman is a lottery. Not all of them have willas, islands, planes, and they

are very busy and stressful because of responsibility. But the reward for their efforts is very sweet. And if you have no leadership and want to live just like the others-work for someone. It is quite dull, but more peaceful. I haven’t decided which way to go yet. I will think about it in next several years.