Do you ever go to concerts? What type of music do you like to listen when you are with your friends, relaxing alone, dancing? Who are your favorite singers and groups? What is the most popular type of music at the moment?

Some people say, that they don’t like art, but they are wrong! I think there are no people on the Earth who don’t like art. Person simply can’t love one of many art sorts. But I think that there is one sort of art which all people love. This is music.

I sincerely think that there is no person on the Earth who don’t like music. Well, music has its style. There are many styles of music: folk, POP, RAP, hip –– hop, dance, trance (hard trance), techno (hard techno), classical, schranz, club and plenty of others.

All styles of music couldn’t be likeable by one person. But naturally people are different. Some fans of music like and are interested just in one style of music, but there are people who haven’t that one style of music. To put the case that when people are alone they are listening to one type of music, in concerts, in group of friends, in dancing pparty the other one.

First of all – concerts. Privately I have a fancy for miscellaneous concerts. But in Lithuania is quite sad, because pop is the most popular style of music. All concerts are of one style – pop. I hhave damn all against this style of music, I like it too, but really we need something miscellaneous. Natch, semioccasionally we have and exception, when comes some very popular, not pop style, band. For instance “White Snake”. They are great old rock band, which songs are marvelous.

But there is a conundrum. Always prices of tickets into that type of concert are very high and not all people can buy it.

I am going to the pop concerts gladly, but essentially I have a hankering for a great rock concert.

Secondly – the circle of my friends. In the circle of my friends I am listening to promiscuous music. But more often than not we are listening to the best, old songs of LLithuanian. In other words, these songs are “legends”. Such as S. Povilaitis – Pūkelis, Hiperbolė – Dviese, and the newer, but essentially not worse: R. Cicinas – Meilės laivas, Popuri.

Thirdly – dancing. In my eyes when you are on the dance floor the pop music isn’t suitable good here, but on the other side why not. I certainly bet that club music is better for dancing: techno, trance, schranz. In other words, music has to be more electronical.

When I want tto relax, when I am alone at home namely I am listening to music of that style, but it helps me not only to relax, but to chirk up, too. Everything pertains to that, how are you indisposing yourself.

I have a passion to music, but I don’t have a band which I like the most. There is just one performer, whose all songs are marvelous. This is Marcel Woods. Hi is playing hard trance, shcranz style of music.

I think pop is the most popular type of music at the moment. I think that, because almost all radio stations, TV programs are relaying just on pop music.

Finally – music. Music is very nailing thing. When you are listening to music, you can dance, cry, relax and unwind. Music can help us to externalize our state of mind.