Language is a key to open the door to the world

A child has few important days in his life. It`s a day, when he starts to sit, It`s a day, when he makes his first step, and It`s a day, when he says the first word. His first word is very important. The child`s life becomes more interesting. He knows more and more words, and he often says two words: “what`s that”, and ”why”. A child wants to know more about things around him, so these two words are the wway to the knowledge. One language cannot give so much news, as few languages. More languages – more keys to open the door to the world.

It`s not one door to the world, and language can open not one door.

We can go to the world reading books. In this field language is very important. Not all books are adapted to the mother tongue. The news from the horse`s mouth are much better. Some people say, that a book is an old –– fashioned thing, but we cannot forget this door to the world.

Other way to the world is TV. Nobody can say, that it`s old – fashioned thing. Technologies develop faster and faster and our task is don`t fall to tthem. We can watch a lot of foreign programs, but it`s not necessary if we cannot understand foreign languages.

The most modern way to the world is Internet. It was started only before eight years, but know 40% of people use it. It develops faster than television in the middle of the 20th century. But it`s not necessary if we cannot understand what it`s written in it.

Travelling is the best door to the world. It`s better to see one time, than to hear many times. If we know more foreign languages, our distances of travelling will be bigger.

Languages aren`t things of fashion. It`s not good if we say popular phrases. We have to learn most useful and most popular languages and ggo to the world with the help of them.